(from my work with a la Mode)


I found working with Michael to be a wonderful experience. He is able to simultaneously take on a wide variety of projects in many arenas. He was professional , competent, and was able to help us in many areas of our business. He is also able to do research on things you may not have time to do, saving you time and money.

His ability to take on a wide range of tasks, from technical work to marketing, and more, makes him very different from your average professional assistant. I would highly endorse Michael for anyone, whether they need help with business or personal / home needs! I will continue to refer him to anyone who needs assistance!

-- Linda Heeschen, The Luminous Center

Michael has worked for Living Energy Farm on a few technical projects. The breadth of his technical skills is impressive. Michael has been a pleasure to work with -- reliable, thoughtful, dedicated to the completion of the task at hand. We couldn't have asked for better help.

-- Alexis Ziegler, Living Energy Farm

Michael is and has been a trusted, highly skilled, knowledgeable and extraordinarily valuable member of our team. 

When it comes to computer issues or problems, be they hardware or software, we have learned to count on Michael, as our go-to-source for solutions. If he doesn’t know the answer off the top of his head (and he usually does), he is quick to research, learn and apply those answers in a way that is practical and has our company’s best interest in mind. 

Michael is highly organized and has the ability to see and keep the big picture in mind, even as he digs into detail… 
he also has the ability to take the lead or follow as needed. 

Michael has a key to our office and passwords to access our server remotely, should we need support when he’s not physically present. 

Bottom line, I have highly recommended Michael to close friends and I highly recommend him to you.

-- Douglas Olson, American Safety & Smokemaker

Michael has been working with me since August of 2013. He has helped me with a tremendous number of tasks, and has worked independently on many as well.

Michael makes it his business to keep up with new technology and he's generous sharing his knowledge. He has original and innovative ideas about many things, and can be a very valuable partner in working through almost any kind of problem, but especially those involving computer software, optimization of workflow, and related topics. He is a thinker, and will have good, useful, and creative ideas about almost any problem you may face. He is also good at looking at big picture issues, and speculating about the economy, the face of technology, and the particular business or social climate that is relevant to your work. He is interested in business strategy and would be of valued partner in any discussion of that nature.

Michael has been a godsend for me, doing physical, intellectual, clerical, and creative work for and with me. He takes direction well, and is confident in his own ideas. He has helped me in the business environment, but also on the personal side with computer, house, and garden issues. It's painful to speculate about how  much worse things would be for me if I hadn't been able to avail myself of Michael's services.

-- David Wimberley, Wimberley LLC